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Sunday 30 September 2012

6 Billion Others

They have the table next to ours.
He tall and thin. Forthright in his views - and ours.
She on the attractive side of plump.
Relaxed. Amused. And taking it all in.
We've introduced ourselves. He leans across.
What do you do to amuse yourself? he asks.
You grow prize blooms, perhaps? 
"I blog."
You what?
"I blog."
He's puzzled - and trying not to let it show.
She whispers words of explanation. I catch:
You know - like Stepahanie... 
He frowns. Oh, that! 
(To me) I think you might do better with prize bloons!
What DO you find to blog about? 
"Art and poetry, for the most part."
How on earth can someone blog on them?
They don't get up and do things. They're just THERE!
What CAN there be to say? 
"Sometimes," I say, "they do the most amazing things."
He looks to her for help. There's none forthcoming.
Her eyes twinkle, but that is all.
(To me.)I think prize blooms would be a better bet! 
"Whatever turns up next," I say.

Next time I see him we are in reception.
He's studying a print. It's of a watercolour,
depicting the hotel. He turns as I approach.
What could you make of this? he asks.
"I could talk about the loose technique -
the way the eye melds blobs and patches
into a coherent whole. The way you see
not what is really there, but what the artist saw.
Or I could spin a story out of it."

If they had built it this way, friend,
it would have fallen down!  he says.

I am indebted for the title and the theme to this week's prompt at dVerse Poets: Poetics by Brian Miller. Do pop over and see what It's all about!


kaykuala said...

I'm not surprised Dave! Many see blogging as something mysterious. They're better off doing whatever they do best besides blogging1 Nicely!


Elephant's Child said...

No-one told me (and I have now learnt) that blogging becomes an addiction very easily. And yes, many of my family would respond well to the tall thin man. Their loss. I loved this - thank you Dave.

Sabio Lantz said...

Both minds are so useful. Sometimes they exist in the same person and conversations can switch back and forth.

When someone seems to belittle what I love, I sometime jump in there and humorous cut into my joys deeper -- with humor. It shows how silly all our activities are, and I am happy with my foolishness.

Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.

I wish I could have seen the other side of this guy -- I'll bet he has some great aspects. You did a great job showing how he did not understand your skills and passions.

Unknown said...

I love the poem. Sure life has given us some exciting things to ponder in while we are alive. 6 billion people, maybe one of them is meant for you.
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The Weaver of Grass said...

Very clever Dave. Two very different views. Funnily enough the farmer and I sat in a cafe yesterday and there was a view of the Dales with cows in the foreground. It was very badly painted in my opinion - I said as much to the farmer (who is not all that interested in art) and he immediately said that the artist had 'got the cows right'.

Brian Miller said...

haha i love it...cool interaction in this...and funny the way each of us can look at a piece of art and see something very different...or see how each other interacts with the world...be it blogging or blooms and it not fit our box either....enjoyed this much man...

Mary said...

I love this, Dave. Made me smile. So many people do NOT understand blogging or why someone would do it. And also, very obvious the man doesn't have an artist's eye. His comment made me hoot out loud here. He is probably an engineer....you think?

Soraya said...

Hi David. I really enjoyed this. I've had similar conversations with people in the past. I enjoyed how you contrasted opposing views. A very interesting piece!

Claudia said...

haha...so cool...what a weird conversation in a way..poetry, art and blogging is just not for everyone...

jabblog said...

You might have made a lasting connection with the pleasantly plump lady with the twinkling eyes but I don't think the tall thin man would ever find much in common with you;-)
It's interesting to meet different people, though . . .

Daydreamertoo said...

Haha... some people simply have no imagination. They see life exactly as it is and not much further than the end of their noses.
I bet you smiled a few times thinking about this conversation. Made me smile. I love your replies and, I am so glad you 'blog' :)

Laurie Kolp said...

lol-- some people just don't get it, do they?

Jim Murdoch said...

This chimes with the blog I have just posted in fact I posted it well out of order—as you know I write weeks in advance normally—because it did rile me so much. I have always hated the term blogging—it’s just a horrible-sounding word, ugly—when what it started off as (and continues to be for a great many people) is journaling. Now journalism is a nice word. It used to be a well-respected word too. It’s gone the other way. We’re more willing to think of journalists as sleazebags these days than principled individuals. We used to say, “I read it in the paper so it must be true,” and mean it. Blogs on the other hand are becoming things deserving of respect. The problem is that they cover such a wide spectrum and there will always be room for the hobbyists right through to the professionals.

Tabor said...

Practical people. Can't live with them but we can't live without them either. We do need those bridges.

Ygraine said...

That's what makes life so interesting, isn't it?
All those six million others with views so different to ours, expressing themselves in their own unique (and sometimes exasperating to us) ways.
'Seeing' is never quite what it seems!

Grace said...

I like the conversation weaving back and forth ~ Blogging is not for everyone so with understanding the process of writing ~ I find that its hard to explain it when people ask me what I do in my spare time ~ Oh well, happy Sunday to you ~

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Can relate to this Dave. Blogging - what's that? I tend only to impart my guilty secret to those I want to know, but even so still receive the 'blank interest.'

Oh if only (they) knew the riches to be found in blogland, the friendships to be made with people you would never meet in 'real life.'

Love it and love your words.

Anna :o]

Unknown said...

As a nonrepresentational painter, poet, photographer, composer, digital artist, and vocalist I felt nothing but empathy for the narrator. I have had this conversation in what feels like millions of permutations over the years with strangers, family, and friends. One person chastised me for being antisocial for speaking to people from around the world online! Not only is this ridiculous (it is a social activity to blog) but completely overlooked the work I do face to face, my volunteering, and time I spend socializing in person.

Cloudia said...

point out the game,
and some canines will merely
look inquisitively at one's
finger pointing!

"These paintings here are not being judged, Ma`am - YOU are!" said the museum attendant to the sister of your dismissive acquaintance.

Aloha from Honolulu,
Wishing YOU a super week
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Cloudia said...

Oh, and I thought ill of blogging until I grew to understand the multiple potentials herein!

Meeting you and reading your rather elevated and interesting words has enriched my life. Your comments, my ego! LOL

Carl said...

LOVE IT !!!!!!!

haricot said...

Your description is questionning as if the man was me and the artist was my friend...and I rethink about why they do blog and what is the artist's eye...

Dulcina said...

Respect, if not understanding, is what some people lack nowadays. People have different tastes and nobody must say "I am right; you are wrong", but "I like it, I respect you don't".
I enjoyed reading your words very much, Dave, especially those reiterative prize blooms.
Sometimes, as in your ironic end, people's remarks have nothing to do with the other speaker's words.
I remember a cousin of mine telling me some years ago, "How can you waste your time in the stup Internet?", I said "I like it, that's all". Now she uses that "stup Internet" more than I do because, finally, she has learnt how to use it!

Dave King said...

Sorry I will not be able to answer you all individually, but I do appreciate the time you have taken to leave what is a stimulating set of comments. Thank you all so much for them.

I have to agree with Sabio, in that I, too, wish I could have seen the other side of my tall thin guy. There always is one, of course, but I only encountered these two on the two occasions recorded.

But I suppose that the main thing I took from your responses is how common (universal?) this incomprehension is.

Thanks all for the trouble taken and the interesting points raised.