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Friday 28 September 2012


Bosham pronounced Bozzm.
If you go, the car wash is a must.
It's free for both the owners and the fans.
Twice a day the tides flood in
and for a while the car park is a bath.
It's just the basic wash, of course:
no shine or smart blow dry.
Surprising though, how many leave their cars
the two hours round high tide
in spite of warning notices.

Another must: the Parish Church of Holy Trinity
with highly elevated South Aisle, chapel
and the sacrament reserved for those near death.
You're closer to Heaven in the South Aisle here
than anywhere except the belfry tower.

King Canute lived locally -
he of the failed attempt to stop the sea's advance.
(I wonder if he'd practiced - and how hard -
to stem the car wash tides.)
His daughter was a native of these parts. Alas,
the poor child drowned when playing by the stream.
She's buried in the church by the South Aisle.
They moved her back in nineteen-something from
her cemetery grave. Beside her in the churchyard
lay a man in rich, expensive clothes. Canute - 
or so historians now think. 
Also local: Harold. (Ten
sixty six and all that jazz.) He sailed from here
for Normandy. He and the Parish Church
are featured in The Bayeux Tapestry.  (see here)

Bosham Parish Church


Elephant's Child said...

The pronunciation of English place names is always a bit hit and miss (and mostly miss) for anyone but the locals. However, this sounds like an area rich in the sort of history which awes me, coming as I do from a country where little of the history of the inhabitants has ever been documented. Thanks Dave.

kaykuala said...

A lot of history here!If only King Canute was successful and passed on his legacy the car wash would not happen. The corrosive effect of sea water cannot be rubbished but to only regret later! Great verse Dave!


Jinksy said...

I hear a slogan coming on - 'Wash 'em in Bosham'... LOL :)

Brian Miller said...

ah sounds like a pretty cool day trip dave...closer to heaven there eh? then it is a must if i ever pass through...smiles.

Mary said...

I enjoyed this bit of history and tourism! Though I am often looking for a good deal, I will pass on the car wash. Ha. The church is indeed beautiful!

Daydreamertoo said...

Love it!
Anything to do with history, I'm there!
LOL Laughing at Jinksy's comment.
I guess with King Canute, it had to be a water feature.
A very unique car wash for sure :)

Helen said...

Still remember my first trip to the UK ... trying to pronounce names and words ~ sounding like a wacky tourist.

I fell in love with treacle sponge pudding, ploughman lunches, Branston pickle, cream teas, fish 'n chips wrapped in newspaper!

Janine Bollée said...

I reckon I'd prefer to be with the bats in the belfry rather than with all those others in the South aisle.
Enjoyable history lesson.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Nice history lesson, Dave. Bosham sounds a bit of a tongue twister.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

It must be a great place, I'll remember it for a future visit.

Dave King said...

I ask forgiveness once again for not replying individually. This time it be my 79th birthday and we be going out.

Thank you all for your comments, they are all much appreciated.