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Thursday 24 January 2013

Breaking All the Rules

It's how he sees it!
runs the comment often heard
of too-demanding art.

For centuries the rules
were there to guide the brush --
rules that trammelled thought.

Marcel Duchamp with
a urinal -- pet named Fountain --
broke them all at once.

That art is not art
except demanding of  technique 
and great proficiency.

Art is something made
by artists according to
set rules and guidelines

to find an object
then to claim it as your art
insults the viewer.

Duchamp did not see
a world made strange from ours, but
thought with a new set of rules.

Look at some child art.
The house is not a house you know.
The child has formed the rules,

has not learnt ours
but once it does, our scales will fall
upon its eyes  -- and
sadly then, upon the pearl
of its imagination.
Written as a second submission to the Poetry Jam prompt Breaking all the Rules


Anonymous said...

It is very truethatitishard for children--and adults--to have that wonderful inventive freedom once they become conscious of "norms.". And yet, as you say, there is something of proficiency in art, and not simplydiscovery. An interesting problem. The scales are such a great metaphor here with their double meanings. K.

Sorry onipad.

Mary said...

Dave, you hadn't put the link in yet to Poetry Jam...so I linked it in for you!

Mary said...

I do notice the art of my granddaughter (age 5) breaks the rules with her art. Especially with color! She uses it so imaginatively and freely that I am SAVING samples of it for her so when she no longer has that wonderful 'pearl' she will still have her work!

Panchali said...

It's exhilarating, how a 'pearl' of imagination connects a mind to another. Beautifully penned...one can interpret in so many ways! Lovely write, Dave.

Brian Miller said...

the house is not a house, the child has formed the rules...ha...i love that....kids are so cool not addressing the rule yet....we have not trained that wild ness out of them.....great verse man....

Haddock said...

Always look at how kids do it ... "The child has formed the rules"

Helen said...

I have saved many drawings my children created years ago ... grandchildren too. It's fascinating to look at them now, think about the grown-ups they've become in relation to their primitive art!

kelvin s.m. said...

...as a child i'm always conscious at how i should blend colours based on colorwheel to make my artworks look perfect...but as grow older each year...and oh older and older i learned that art is not merely just about perfection but rather a continuous process of learning to express your emotion & honing that inner passion to rediscover and create good...i still paint but no longer under the colorwheel...i already got out of my niche and produced my own color schemes the way i see it...and yes..more importantly the way i feel it... rules are laid to help us guide on how ideal life should be and not merely to set an ideal life...we don't just live here...we create a living that is fair & free...smiles...

Margaret said...

A child's rules.... will be much more interesting that adults every time, especially in art.

Cait O'Connor said...

our scales will fall upon its eyes -- and sadly then, upon the pearl of its imagination.

Lovely sentiments. I say hear hear.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

How true and how sad. And, in a way, how great are those children who never learn "our" rules.

Cloudia said...

seems you are enjoying/wrestling with the dynamic tension of rules/ARTIST.

Carry on!

Happy Aloha to YOU
from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° >

Mary said...

This "Photography" person puts his/her posts everywhere....with the exact same post. SPAM, SPAM, SPAM.

Sarav said...

Dave, my artist's heart is so happy you wrote this. Beautifully written and unfortunately so true. Well done:-)

Dave King said...

Yes, you put your finger on it, I think: how do you take the norms aboard without losing the freedom?

Thanks for another interesting comment.

Thanks for that - I thought I had!

What a shame you can't save bottles of the attitude that gives your grandaughter the freedom - if it is an attitude!

Hi! Really good to have you visiting. Absolutely right with your final sentence particularly. Thanks for the comment.

Yup, I think its great to see their chimney pots sticking out at right angles to the sloping roof and the windows, one in each corner.

Hi and a warm welcome to you. Thanks for visiting. I wonder what would happen if we followed their rules!

Mmmm, I'm just wondering what I'd think if I was suddenly confronted with my "primitives".

Seems to me you're definitely on the road to discovery. You have the essentials clearly in front of you and a credo for the future -- much more than I had at what I guess your age to be!Well done, you!

Hi, Good to have you aboard. Much thanks for stopping by to comment. I do so agree with your observation.

Thank you so much for this. Good to know you think likewise.

hera, hear! Yes, I agree! Thanks.

True... yes, undeniably!

Hi. A warm welcome to you. Thank you very much for your comment. I did try to leave a comment. Will try again later.

Ah! Thanks for saying. Will watch it for the future.

Thank you SO much. Really appreciate this comment.

Peggy said...

I think breaking the rules is the essence of art. Nice work.

Susan Lindquist said...

Love that last bit ... 'once it does, our scales will fall upon its eyes -- and sadly then, upon the pearl of its imagination.' Oh, the bleakness of conformity ...

my heart's love songs said...

gifted are those rare people who do not lose their sense of wonder and endless imagination.

great take on the prompt! thank you!