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Saturday 26 January 2013

Building Worlds : Crystalia

The glazier
who replaced my broken window pane
used fairy glass. Now when I look
at midnight
or when the moon is full
I see a landscape I have come to call  

The apple tree,
its branches woven into wings,
has taken flight.
The apples, green and red,
are navigation lights,
are naked flames
that take uncommon shape
from movements of the wings.

The ethereal glow,
much brighter than the moon,
appears to flow 
from every object in my view,
and if I close my eyes
and wander out and through the copse,
the change is more complete,
for looking up, the stars, 
I see, have left the sky.
They hang now from the branches 
like a thousand chandeliers.

Sometimes a star falls from a branch
and fiscles on the ground
and earth turns slowly round 
the sprijly, sprounding thing 
until it cristles out.
But all the while it fiscles there
a silent music fills the air
and I am more content;
content with earth and fellow men
and what life holds for me.

It's winter now, 
and rainbow coloured snow falls,
glowing, on the fields.
Some rises up in spectral forms
to whisper up the distant peaks
like mountaineers together roped
with twisted tongues of fire. 
Some merely lies, heaves, smoulders, 
shines, like a great sea
of coloured mercury.

Sometimes the dreaded Tube will come,
building slowly like a summer storm
as black clouds round its edges spin
and mix the elements of good and bad
that threaten from within. I've seen 
it swallow oak trees whole and spit 
out animals as big as cows. But then,
when Graunules swim above the trees,
you know the tube has spent its ire
and all is well again.

Written for Kerry's Wednesday Challenge , Building Worlds at imaginary garden with real toads though regrettably written a few days late.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Dave, how beautiful - can you put me in touch with that glazier - I want a window like that.

kaykuala said...

But all the while it fiscles there
a silent music fills the air
and I am more content;
content with earth and fellow men
and what life holds for me

It's a revelation and a realization upon discovering that fellow man can be relied upon. Nicely Dave!


Mary said...

Dave, this is beautiful! What a magical view you have through this window. I would love to see that rainbow colored snow!

Brian Miller said...

pure magic man....this reminds of childrens tales...would def like to have a bit of tht glass in my window to see those magical sights...

Kerry O'Connor said...

I really enjoyed your exploration of the world before the fairy glass, and your set up in stanzas 1 - 3 is nothing short of magical. The addition of a more malignant force of the Tube, was an excellent finishing touch.

Anonymous said...

Agree with all above. Terrific language here, words make form, you are our glazier for a poetic faery glass. I feel elements of Lewis Carroll. It also remarkably Turner-- is he J.B. ? The painter. Wonderful. K.

christopher said...

Excellent...great descriptions.

Glad to have found your blog.

Claudia said...

oh nice... i want one of my windows replaced with fairy glass as well now...so much magic in this...loved it dave

Grace said...

This is a magical world Dave ~ I like the fairy glass windows, apples as lights and branches as thousand chandeliers ~ There is peace and contentment ~

Helen said...

I sat perfectly still ... trying to gaze through your window ... after reading this truly magnificent poem!!!!!!

Ygraine said...

Wish my windows were as magical as yours. I only see such things in my dreams!
Must find that glazier and ask if he would make one for me!!
A fantastic write, Dave :)

Dave King said...

Hi Everyone
Thanks for all the great observations - and most of all for the very kind and flattering words. Very much appreciated.

kulasa said...

so beautiful I am left here wishing I could be in such a world, right now! :)