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Sunday 27 January 2013

Going Viral

You want a youthful view on social networks, Gov?
It'll be the fifteen days of fame syndrome for sure --
was fifteen minutes, but that died a death.
That's what the young kids cut their teeth on now.
But us, the grandees of the game, we're more extreme,
we're after more -- We're in it for to win it, Guv'!

I see the social network as a broadsheet, no?
A democratic paper, not one that spouts democracy.
Everyone writes his or her own column, yeah?
No editors to keep us all in check with That
aint policy, old son, you can't write that! 
So! -- Full of all the  stuff then, that the public wants.
Gossip is my speciality. And crime. 
I do a lot of crime from time to time.
I find it very popular. Now say
I write tomorrow how I aim to kill
the cat in Downing Street -- but wrap it up, like,
so as no one understands it 'till I do --
but when I do... then Bingo! I go viral, see?
And all the world knows who and what I am!
My readership goes stratospheric, man!
The noughts go running off the flippin' chart.

That's what it's all about. To be there at the death...
All papers have to boost their circulation. no?
Im' just the same as any big sheet up in town.
Some guys are into sexting now. Not me!
I leave that sort of shit to them. That's like
your page three boobs and bums. That's common, man.
I'm more your classy writer with an intellectual edge.

They tell me I'm abusing what I love,
a medium of value to mankind.
But everything's abused these days because
the world has changed while things have stayed the same.
Abuse or do not use it, that's the choice, 
coz that's the way of things these days -- things as they are.
We play with words, so words don't mean a thing.
That's why I stick to pictures, man. Know what I mean?

Written for Brian Miller's beautiful prompt Reaching the Masses for Poetics at dVerse Poets.


Claudia said...

ha...so much in here...def. social media made it easy for everyone to be heard, to get a chance to throw their opinion out into the world...good and bad..it's too huge to really be censored...so you find both..gems and sh.. and deeply disturbing things as well...surely a double-edged sword..cool write dave

kelvin s.m. said...

...the innovations we're facing these truly created countless of possibilities to invent or reinvent good or evil -depending on us, the people... mas has achieved almost all the impossibles and now we're all in serious trouble...how can we fix if it has gone viral... self control...safe control...smart control... 'think before you click' - i guess is the best way to address everyone, the youth, the adults, the lates, everyone... i really enjoyed this sir...wise words for wise words...smiles...

kelvin s.m. said...

..oops..*these days...


Jim Murdoch said...

An interesting choice of voice here. Kinda expected an ‘innit’ somewhere in the mix, mind. Not quite sure I’d know where to put it myself. I think it might fit after ‘classy writer’. I’ve just finished editing a short story written in New Yorkese and it is so hard writing in a dialect you don’t speak. The Glaswegian’s harder than you’d imagine too if you want to get it right; my ‘Aggies and Shuggies’ are really quite sloppy. I like this though, a bit different. Surprised he said ‘fifteen days’—I would’ve thought ‘fifteen seconds’ would’ve been more like it nowadays.

Grace said...

I admire how you change your voice Dave, its shows your versatility ~

I love this part best because you understand it so well:

I go viral, see? And all the world knows who and what I am! My readership goes stratospheric, man! The noughts go running off the flippin' chart. That's what it's all about. To be there at the death.

Kathy Reed said...

Enjoyed this much..and am glad to find the independent thoughts are more prevalent still, that basically, the goodness will win out over the destructiveness...must be some socially redeeming value for out kids'kids and so on ...very well written with just the right tone ;)

Brian Miller said...

everything is abused these days....that jumped out at me...kelvin pointed out the reinventing of good and evil in the techno age, and so true...just had a talk with the kids at school about the things they put on the internet and how scary it can truly be when we use the tools we are given inappropriately...

Manicddaily said...

Some great great lines here and the whole character chilling but memorable:

But everything's abused these days because
the world has changed while things have stayed the same.
Abuse or do not use it, that's the choice,

There is a great disconnnect. One feels that, historically, there are many times of disconnect, but of course, these are more difficult in times of rapid change. In some ways, there's this wonderful sense of community one can have now, even as physical community diminishes. All rather strange.

But what you've capture so beautifully is the age-old wish to "cut something off the top" of it, if you know what I mean - make money! Really well done. k.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add that there is a feeling of the viral as an infection here which is very subtly but well captured. k.

hedgewitch said...

You paint an interesting character here--at first I thought you were perhaps going for the Murdoch News of the World fiasco, but then it became obvious you were looking at something both more hip, and almost as frightening, the way everything may morph, except the demons within. I especially like the lines Karin quotes above, but also the whole interchange where the speaker is vindicating his 'originality' and class. Great take on the prompt.

Ygraine said...

"Everything is abused these days"
That really struck a chord with me...set me thinking about the incredible power mere words can potentially wield - for good or ill...and how sad it is that so many people choose to use them negatively.
Could be interpreted as the age of global bullying.
So, please, 'Think before you click!'

Mary said...

Depthful and original write, Dave! You explored so many aspects of the subject.

Anonymous said...

Love the different voice Dave - my internal voice switched to Estuary-ese as I was reading, so that's a thumbs up, cos thats what you was wantin' to do, werntit?

We may all have more time in the limelight, but it comes in shorter bursts.

haricot said...

Pictures are more honest than words for play? Hm,no news is good news and only seeing pictures on papers is the best, maybe.

Dave King said...

Hi All !

Several have picked up on the sudden fame which the social media make possible, and
the "disconnect" (manicddaily) of the greater sense of community despite the loss of physical community.

Kelvin's "think before you click" appealed to me. Good for a sticker on the side of the monitor, I thought. Linking this with the techno age's version of good and evil was a great insight, I thought.

And yes, Jim, I did consider an innit. Indeed, I had one at one point, but in the final draft (typing it in to Blogger) it got left out not with any positive intention. Just did!

The way everything morphs but the demons within (hedgewitch) was also a sharp insight, I thought.

Several appreciative mentions of the voice, which pleasantly surprised. I tend to feel that this is something I do not do well, but in this case I was trusting to memory or imagination and had a few ex pupils in mind, toying with what they might have said - though I'm a bit out of date with such comparisons.

As always, I must thank for the very kind and flattering remarks. They do have a very positive effect - as do the more critical ones. Thank you for both.

Janine Bollée said...

fair enuf, innit?
Love it!

Nice one, again inventively presented.