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Sunday 9 May 2010

Double Haiku #139

And now, the next big thing
is compromise - an idea we
meet daily in our lives.

Too much to hope, I guess,
they might give up their Holy Grails
to keep the rest.


@ctors Business said...

Oh I do hope not Dave for all our sakes - they should be embracing this opportubity to truly be able to work for the good of us all. After all who puts them in the house?

Tabor said...

And hope springs eternal or some other cliched quote here.

Carl said...

This is a real chance to work forever and shed the partisan blinders. A lesson we need to learn here in the US too.


steven said...

wayyyyyy too much dave!!! we've been there and done that countless times here in canada. steven

Kass said...

There are never stones
left down-turned or tossed aside
for politicians.

Friko said...

Whatever comes of it, it'll be more of the same.

For the good of the country, that's what they say.
If only they could agree on what is for the good of the country. I know so much better than you, and that comes first.
So there, and sod the electorate.

Marion McCready said...

How long are you doing the daily haiku for??

Dave King said...

I have taken these comments on board - I hope you'll find them reflected in today's haiku - they only know better than us because they don't tell us all they know!

Dave King said...

Sorry Marion, I didn't answer your question. I don't really know. I've gone on a lot longer than I originally expected to - which could also be said for my blogging. Nothing lasts for ever, I guess.