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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Haiku #149

For trusted news
they all prefer the radio
to what's on T.V.


David Cranmer said...

TV is without a doubt the last place I turn except in a national emergency when I want instant.

Elisabeth said...

I'd agree with this notion, Dave, not only because I do not possess a T.V but also because on radio they rely on one of your senses only - your hearing.

You can concentrate more when you listen, and your eyes do not have to be dazzled into blindness.

Thanks again Dave for your poetical wisdom.

Silke Powers said...

So true! It's the same for us! NPR (National Public Radio) is what we prefer her in the States.

Thanks for your visit. If that toad had just stayed still, it could have been a paperweight... Have a great day!

: ) Silke

Carl said...


Raj said...

they call it the idiot box for a reason :P

Helen said...

TV fries your brain
Too much internet is bad
Long for days of old

I so agree with you, Dave!

Ronda Laveen said...

I don't blame them. Lately, a lot of TV is akin to the rag mags like the Enquirer.

Unknown said...

Oh, I think there was a time when BBC TV news was beyond reproach; maybe not quite so now. There are always the other sensationalist channels vying for attention - and so many seem attracted!

CiCi said...

I don't believe TV or radio. I travel around in the internet and read actual news and decide things for myself.

Kay said...

awesome you can turn that into a haiku.... yet, I prefer my news from friends and family :)

10000 memories said...

I agree it is absolutely amazing idea to turn this into haiku.
I read about it in the news before.
The thing that people trust radio more than any other sources of information is something very British. it's largely BBC as a cultural phenomenon. it's not quiet the same in America or anywhere else.

Conda Douglas said...

True--and here in the States apparently nobody believes in newspapers either anymore.

Dave King said...


A good deal of agreement here.
I also think, with Derrick, that there was a time when any BBC news would have been thought beyond reproach. But, again, not so now.
One of the things which infuriates me is the way, just before going over to hear someone speak, they will tell you at great length what he or she is going to say. Then you go over and hear the speech. Then you're b ack in the studio being told what they said. For Heavens sake, do they think I can't take it in un less I hear it three times?

Paul C said...

I am amazed at how many have turned for their news to TV and radio and neglected in depth analysis of the newspapers or magazines.