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Sunday 2 May 2010

Haiku #132

They think they've found Noah's Ark
4 KM up Mount Ararat -
beyond the 4 X 4s


steven said...

dave what could you imagine will happen or be done if they actually do find the ark? steven

Carl said...

"Noah was here" signs will go up and trinkets will be sold.... Sorry that's a wee bit negative for such a beautiful Sunday morning. Steven's question was actually bigger than that.

Tabor said...

Again? I thought this discovery was published years ago?

Linda Sue said...

Noah's ark, silly story like most of them but sort of cute for children I suppose. Carl is right on- start making t-shirts and key chains!

Harlequin said...

beyond the 4x4s... nice touch.

I suppose there isn't a tree line that makes any sense at all.

Dan Gurney said...

Mark Twain said, "Often it does seem a pity that Noah and his party did not miss the boat."

Ronda Laveen said...


The Turning Point said...

Not to worry the engineers are working on a bigger and more powerful 4x4 as we speak. The bumper sticker guys as well as the beer distributors are on the way with gusto.


ArtistUnplugged said...

Thought they found it there before, who knows, but I do believe it existed.

LR Photography said...

This one is a great Haiku and a mystic subject.

Dave King said...

Idea for a novel there, I'm thinking...

KIt's not bad for a start. I'd say.

That was the last one... I think they are hoping to top the number of Arthur's round tables!

Linda Sue
Not silly!!! I had a Noah's Ark once.

No, but the point has been made that to lift such a mighty craft (it is, apparently) 4KM up, the flood would have been remarkable not to have left unmistakable geological signs.

I hadn't heard that - but I like it!


The Turning Point
Oh, no, not a bigger 4 X 4! Will that be an 8 X 8?

Artist Unplugged
It might have, but what they've found this time looks more like a village to me.

Thanks. I shall now try for a great subject and a mystic Haiku!

Friko said...

One of the very many 'they' have found so far.