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Sunday 16 May 2010

Tanka #5

Folk gathered in rain
to discover each new word
but now it's been scrapped -
the world's most testing exam
The All Souls One Word Paper.


@ctors Business said...

I don't fully appreciate this one as I'm not too sure what it means - all that I do know is that it is profound. But then that is the beauty of the Tanka something to ruminate upon. Happy Sunday Dave

A Cuban In London said...

I read about it yesterday! How timely. Many thanks. Having acquainted myself with the news first, I'm able to appreciate the artistic outcome after. :-)

Greetings from London.

The Turning Point said...

Know I've missed something. Sounds profound. You've got me thinking of a subject to go with it.

Have a good one.


Paul C said...

'All Souls one word paper'?...Intriguing; it beats 1,000 words; what could that word be? What could we all agree on? I have several in mind. Compassion?

Dave King said...

Thanks All

Guess I've been trying a bit too hard to force unsuitable material. All Souls Oxford have (had)what was reckoned to be the hardest exam in the world. Candidates were given an envelope containing a single word. They were expected to write about it for three hours. Entry eas by invitation only, usually about four a year, of which often only ne got through. Hilaire Belloc was a famous name who failed. There were 3 (4?) orthodox papers as well as the one worder. Only the latter has been scrapped. People used to gather to hear what the word was. "Water" and "bias" were teo examples.

Kass said...

A challenge not for the weak of word.