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Saturday 15 May 2010

Haiku #146

They'll feel your collar
if you snap or draw or paint -
guards in the city


Tabor said...

I do not think I get this, although I would definitely have an idea if collar was changed to color!

Unknown said...

In Tunis a couple of years ago, at the ruins of the Antonine baths, signs everwhere warned not to take photographs in the direction of the Presidential Palace.

There have been a few occasions in the recent past when I've wondered if I might be 'had up' for taking a photograph in a particular location!

Raj said...

aah yes and fine you if you dont. :(

hey ! long time.. the haiku is going well i see. well done sir

Paul C said...

If they only knew you came to build up not tear down.

David Cranmer said...

I think I'm with Tabor on this one. My guess: China?

Ronda Laveen said...

I just read about this. Very scary for capturing art and expression.

Dave King said...

Thanks All

but a word of explanation seems called for!!!

Security guards in the City of London have been instructed to inform the police if they see anyone "acting suspiciously" - which includes taking touristy photographs, sketching or painting. Torists and others have been stopped, interrogated and told to move on.

Thanks Derrick and yes, we had the same experience in Romania when it was just opening up to tourists.

David Cranmer said...

Damn. I knew that.

Tabor said...

I posted about this not too long ago so I should have remembered. Being an amateur photographer I absolutely fear and HATE this. If someone wanted to get lots of surreptitious photos they could do so quite easily.

Dave King said...

I knew you knew that.

I felt very intimidated by this abroad. Not sure how I'll feel if it happens here. Depends on the how and why, I suppose.