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Thursday 20 May 2010

Haiku #150

Scrappage Scheme for Radios" -
Is that a QUANGO, then?


@ctors Business said...

Clever, witty , I like!

Raj said...

quango roger that :P

Helen said...

Love the way you manage to educate us with your hiakus ... I had to go and look up QUANGO!

Ronda Laveen said...

I thought it was "tango." Off to join Helen looking up QUANGO.

Tabor said...

Wehave NGOs but never heard of a QUANGO...unless you are talking about our Congress.

Dave King said...

Much thanks for all your replies.

Sorry about that Helen. A couple of similar examples have convinced me that it might be a good idea to attach a word of explanation to the original posting instead of leaving it until this point.
What think you all?

QUANGO = quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation, a body set up by the government, but not responsible to anyone.