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Sunday 22 May 2011

First Masterpiece

For once, no problem missing school:
warm, sunny day and clear blue sky;
my painting easel on the lawn -
Thank you God, for yellow jaundice!

First time I've painted from a print -
Picture Post's of The Queen Mary.
First also Double Elephant.*
The painting takes all day.

My younger brother, home from school,
sees the paint-stained water jar
and slurps its contents at the drying ship.
She's sunk! he cries, triumphantly.

* A large paper size.


Rachel Green said...

Fabulous memory.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


An image of a pleasant English afternoon, until the arrival of your brother!
A sad ending....

Best wishes, Eileen

Thank you for visiting my poem!

Tabor said...

Wicked sense of humor!

Helen said...

Light and fun ... each stanza stands completely on its own. My day is beginning beautifully now.

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

And here I am envisioning this young artists scene with the appropriate sense of pleasure and WHAM ... your brother. You "surprise your readers" really well. It is fun to have to "change up ones thinking midway though a piece."

Carl said...

Ohhh. There would have been war at my house had my brother done that....

Carl said...

PS - Love the reference to double elephant size. I have not heard that term in years.

flaubert said...

Dave, you have painted quite a picture with your words. Good one.


Lolamouse said...

Ah, younger brothers! What would we do without them? Not have ruined paintings, for one!

Windsmoke. said...

You've painted with words a snotty nosed younger brother whose taken revenge for a past misdeed done to him :-).

Dave King said...

Little bit of memory, little bit of family mythology and a little bit of poetic license.

Welcome and many thanks. Enjoyed my visit.

Very, I put my hand up to that.

Grateful thanks for that kind comment.

Yes, it is, I agree. At the time, though, it didn't seem like fun!

There might well have been, but if so, I can't remember it.
I was very fond of double elephant - the term as well as the paper.

Thank you for your kind comment.

I'm sure they are good for the soul.

Then I've failed. That is not as it (or he) was. Back to the drawing board - then and now!