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Wednesday 25 May 2011


Coming home one Friday night,
admittedly, the worse for wear,
I saw Sir Malcolm Oversight
entering The Dog and Bear -
with a small whip in his hand.
He was riding Miss West Riding '91
and neither seemed to have a care -
not care a toss for anyone.

I took my story straight away
to every rag I thought might pay,
and long before the morning light
I'd riches promised out of sight.
They'd stake it out, The Dog and Bear,
and if it proved that I was right
beyond my dreams would be my share.

Alas, before such things could take their course
a new injunction was in force.


Anonymous said...

Nicely put!

I must admit extreme boredom with it all, surely only a few people could really care less ... presumably the wife and the mistress?

Dibakar Sarkar said...

after a long time... stumbling on your blog... with all my human limitations to say beautiful is your creation!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Dave - never mind - you might not get the money but at least you made me laugh - much more than all the rubbish about it in the papers does.

Carl said...

This was a fun poem. I enjoyed it!

Rose said...

*chuckles* darn those injunctions!
Delightful write!

Tabor said...

Don't worry...opportunities abound in this area.

Helen said...

Well, darn it anyway ~ I was primed to read all about it!

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Dave, I am referring instantly to your previous blog even before reading it all. "Visions of Johanna" has been my myth for almost forty years since the first time I listened to it. Everything in that song moves me from the rhythm to the stunning lyrics.

I am "closing" my blog for the moment but I am regularly reading yours nonetheless.

Best wishes.

Jenny Woolf said...

Good post.

Windsmoke. said...

This poem flowed along gracefully and made me smile as this bloke is a randy old fella :-).

Dave King said...

I'm afraid I started off bored! Which is why I couldn't take it seriously.

And a very warm welcome to you. Good to have you stumbling this way! Many thanks for your very kind comment.

The Weaver of Grass
Yes, a wry grinis the most a paper has brought out of me so far as this little matter is concerned.

Thanks Carl. Nice to know.

There ought to be an injunction against the injunctions.

But you have to seize them, as the bishop said to the...

I was afraid it might prove to be an anti-climax! That's what injunctions are for, of course.

Very sorry to hear that your blog is closing for a while. Hurry back to us, do. In the meanwhile you will always be very welcome on mine. Thanks for your support.

Thanks. Good to know.

Indeed he is, otherwise why would he need an injunction?