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Sunday 15 May 2011

Superstitions Come from Somewhere

being a response to Writers' Island's one word prompt: Superstitions

Her duties for the day began
with exercices spirituel
beside the pool, her gazing pool,
in which she'd gaze to see herself,
the beauties of her form revealed,
upon whose lines was clearly writ -
in silent waters, deathly still -
the status of her spirit's health.
The slightest ruffle, though, would kill
the signs - and compromise her soul.

That morning, unbeknown to her,
a town boy, poacher, Joe by name,
the scourge of decent folk, had hid -
all unaware the pool was bare,
that any sort of fish was banned -
in bushes for his evening meal.
(The pool was crescent-shaped, the two
might have been many worlds apart.)

Joe loaded his large catapult,
took a long pull and careful aim -
and fired his ground bait at the pool.
As if a storm of hail had hit,
the mirrored images dissolved;
her soul was rent in twain and pain;
the darkened sky was torn apart
and she collapsed; was close to death.

For seven years the demons came
and ghosts would haunt her sleepless nights,
and never would a day go by
but some calamity would strike
cold fear and sorrow in her heart.
And still to some in modern days
a shattered glass can do the same!


vivinfrance said...

Now that's superstition in spades! What a chilling story. And he'd have escaped any murder charge if she'd died!

anthonynorth said...

A great tale, encapsulating the nature of superstition.

David Cranmer said...

I had to knock on wood after reading this.

Tabor said...

I am not sure I see how this is superstition. More like PTSD which brings nightmares...no? Or am I being too clinical?

Andy Sewina said...

Hi Dave, love the image of the gazing pool, and the way the story goes...

Oh no, I've just dropped my mirror!

Carl said...

Wonderfully told tale Dave.

pilgrimchick said...

This poem really fascinated me. I really enjoy the connections to mythology and legend.

flaubert said...

What a wonderful tale, Dave. Sounds beautiful when read aloud.


Windsmoke. said...

Joe is a absolute scallywag :-).

Dave King said...

He would have, yes. Could have been done for poaching, though!

Much thanks for that comment.

Ooo-er, you've taken me right back. Haven't heard that one for yonks.

It's said to be the basis for the break-a-mirror- 7-years-bad-luck superstition.

A warm welcome to you. Your visit and your comment are both very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot, Carl.

Hi and welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comment.

Ah, many thanks for that comment. I haven't tried it aloud. I shall now!