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Friday 13 July 2012

Ars Poetica

(for the prompt by Gay Reiser Cannon at dVerse Poets)

Writing a great poem
the poet lights a fire
builds a spray of flowers
that is itself a fire.

Between his fingers run
exquisite feelings, stems
to feed the images
he marshalls to his cause.

There's beauty in the blooms
semantic and of sound,
sexual of purpose
though strictly down to earth.

Attraction is the key,
that thought and felt should wed
though intellect by sense
should tenderly be led.

Beside all this, the blooms
poetic visions all
make memorable that
which else is commonplace.


vivinfrance said...

Make memorable the commonplace is an uphill task, and you made it to the top!

Jenny Woolf said...

A good description Dave of that curious process of creation. I like the idea of comparing it to arranging flowers. Although of course it is also more than that, as your poem also suggests.

K McGee said...

Your metaphors reveal the intimate relationships and secret things that reside in the common. Well done.

Scarlet said...

The opening stanza sets the mood...I like how you compared it to spray of flowers, the blooms which is everywhere, yet in the hands of the poet, a memorable vision ~

Great work Dave ~

Brian Miller said...

agree on the making the commonplace special....i like how you play this out david...the arrangement of flowers makes a fine metaphor...

Laurie Kolp said...

Beautiful, Dave... I especially like the third stanza.

Mary said...

I enjoyed this, Dave! Poetry really does make the commonplace noteworthy, and we see them in ways we would not have seen them before!

Sreeja said...

Woww..yes and the last stanza is so good.....

Daydreamertoo said...

The vivid pictures your words invoke bring out the magic that is poetry to its finest. The metaphors you've used and the overall feel of it leaves the reader with that sense of the deepest connection between humans and the sensual in this world.
Enjoyed this very much Dave.

Anonymous said...

builds a spray of flowers
that is itself a fire.

Especially when the interaction between reader and poet is fueled by sparks of imagination, nicely done!

Marbles in My Pocket said...

"that thought and felt should wed"
You nailed it with this line, David. Excellent write!

Frank Watson said...

Lovely ode to poetry and the creative process and, I agree, "Attraction is the key"

Anonymous said...

Yes, the process is like a blooming...love this perspective, David.

Claudia said...

Attraction is the key,
that thought and felt should wed...i like that...sometimes i think it's almost like a kind of chemical reaction

Tigerbrite said...

I love the creation of a flower arrangement. Its beauty, life and perfume. Like the creation of a living poem

ruma said...

Hello, Dave King.

  It is my joy to share your wonderful work.
  And sweet message charms my heart.

  I pray for your happiness and world peace.

Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Powerful, perfectly on target, last stanza that all the poem seemed to be on the verge of sparking off.
I agree with it without reserve.
And it's great because it's double-edged, very Frost-like then!

Unknown said...

You include an aesthtetic as well as a purpose of poetry. This is what an ars poetica should do, as it embodies both what a poem is and simultaneously shows it in the poem's content. I think you have done both admirably, capturing the what along with the how of poetry.

flipside records said...

I really like this stanza, Dave:

"Attraction is the key,
that thought and felt should wed
though intellect by sense
should tenderly be led."

haricot said...

Your words themselves are blooming beautifully. Thank you for this and your thought about pics and poems. It will help me when I will appreciate some paintins that were difficult for me.

Dave King said...

It is a uphill task yes, but thank you for your kind comment.

Yes, agreed. Much, much more!

K McGee
Hi, good to have your company. Thank you for your comment and welcome.

I had intended to extend the metaphor to the different parts of the flower, but maybe that would have been a metaphor too far! Thanks.

Thanks Laurie. Comment much appreciated.

Yes, one of the top priorities for poetry, I think. Thanks.

Hi, and a warm welcome to you. Thank you for your kind comment.

What a generous comment! I do thank you for it.

And a nice comment! Thank you very much. Good to have your thoughts.

Marbles in My Pocket
Thanks so much. So glad you thought this.

Thanks Frank. Much appeciate your comment.

Hi Welcome to the blog and many thanks for your company and feedback.

Yes, a very good analogy. Thank you for it.

Indeed. Welcome to you. Good to have your reaction. Thank you very much for it.

Welcome to my blog and many thanks for your lovely message. Every blessing to you.

Thank you so much. As always you do me too much honour - not that I'm complaining. Much thanks and best wishes.

Thank you veru much indeed. Your comment really reassures me! Very grateful for it.

flipside records
Hi, Good to have you aboard. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is always useful to know what folk think.

Great comment - for which I thank you whole-heartedly.

Beachanny said...

This poem climbs the hill "out of the commonplace into the rare". Your concrete images become wells of thought and each acts as a metaphor for the craft of the poem and ultimately its achievement. As always, brilliant!