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Saturday 14 July 2012

Inspiring Things

The seeing eye
the listening ear
the active mind

                                          can't be found
                                          it finds

the whole world in
the grain of sand...
that sort of thing.

                                          like us when small
                                          boys scrumping
                                          in the garden of
                                          the vicarage

too small to shake
the trees. The fruit
found us - fell off
without our help.

                                          no need to look
                                          for something

a broken toy
a knot hole
in a fence, a
small tear in
a curtain...
whatever finds
you just do not
cold-shoulder it.

                                          For some one simple
                                          object or one place
                                          may last a lifetime:
                                          the artist's passion
                                          mountain, garden.
                                          river, single tree.

Walk throuh a wood...
everywhere are works
of nature unresolved
unfinished images
embarrassments of
riches. Inexhaustible.

Written for Brian Miller's Inspiring Things prompt at Theme Thursday.

And no, once again I have not tried to highlight sections - again, it is something Blogger insists on doing to me!


Mary said...

Interesting to reflect on inspiration finding us vs. us finding inspiration: I actually think it is a 50/50 thing...at least it is for me.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I really like this ... definitely inspired!

As to the highlighting, I've had it, too - seems to happen when I copy-n-paste some text. You can delete it from the html if you care :-)

lucychili said...

well the highlighting actually looks like it fits for this =)

i like the image of children scarpering around in an orchard =)

Daydreamertoo said...

I thought the highlighting intentional too. It certainly doesn't detract at all from the poetry. Loved the thought that inspiration finds us too.

Grace said...

I like where you find inspiration..simple and everyday life ~ It is all around us, Inexhaustible.

Thanks for your inspiring words Dave~

Laurie Kolp said...

This is lovely, Dave. It is the little observations that end up being the biggest inspirations, isn't it?

Carl said...

I am printing this out and putting it in my kitchen so i will see it everyday.

Brian Miller said...

it is def the little thing...here and there that we can draw inspiration from...no need for it to be big things....daily life is often the best...

kaykuala said...

Little things tend to be more significant in some different context of situations. True enough! Great take!

I had the similar highlights when i made corrections. If you delete and then type in the same space the highlight will appear. Rachel may offer the solution

But here it looks intentional as mentioned by lucychili. I think so to!


Mrsupole said...

Hi Dave,

You are so correct in that inspiration can find us, but the thing is are we smart enough to recognize it and do something with it? I am sure that sometimes we do and othertimes we do not. Such is life!

Thank you for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday, it was a great poem you shared with us and I really liked the highlights.

God bless.

Leovi said...

Inspiration always finds the traveler observer.

Dave King said...

Interesting the different ways different folk see it. For me you need to be open to it, make right the conditions, bit that's as far as you can go.

Thanks - and thanks for the tip. I'll have a try. I find it happens when I edit. In this case I moved the text along, but it didn't involve copy-n-paste.

Hi, a warm welcome. Thanks for the comment. I think I see what you mean.

Thanks for this. Good to know.

Yes, I like the saying about Picasso, that if ever he was confined in a bare room he would come out with a masterpiece inspired by the hole in the carpet!

Absolutely. Big oaks from little acorns...? Thanks.

You do so at your own risk. I accept no responsibility!
Thanks for saying this.

Yup, sometimes life throws up too many big things, I'm thinking!

Many thnks for this. Reassuring to hear from so many that it looks intentional!

You raise the $5000 question, I think: do we see it? I agree that is the thing. As I suggested abov, I think we have to make the conditions right.

It was good to play in Theme Thursday. Hope to do so again soon - if my broadband lets me!

Hi, good to have you as fellow traveller, and yes, I do agree with you. Thanks so much for commenting.

A Cuban In London said...

Oh, Dave, why did you mention the highlighted sections? I was having fun reading the left columns of the poem first and the highlighted sections on the right! :-) By the way, here's something about the human mind. If you do it like I did, it does work somehow. For instance:

"too small to shake
the trees. The fruit
found us - fell off
without our help

a broken toy
a knot hole
in a fence, a
small tear in
a curtain...
whatever finds
you just do not
cold-shoulder it."

Well, it worked for me. :-)

By the way, I agree: sometimes inspiration finds us. I imagine it as a tired bird flying endlessly wanting to alight on a lucky person and rest its head on that person's shoulder.

Greetings from London.

ds said...

Perfect, and so true. It is important to remember that inspiration is often best when humble. Thank you. (and I love that word "scrumping")

Unknown said...

this is beautiful and so melodic, thank you for sharing it. I enjoy reading your blog!