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Tuesday 17 July 2012

in a Godless world

Only at night
does the known
and the seen

Look out
at the stars.
All is well.

Look out
in a storm.
The connections
are there.

By morning light
the dreams
and the scenes
will no longer fit.

"How,"asks dream -
in its dying echoes -
"to be, what to do
in a Godless world?"

To echo
comes answer,
echoes of echoes,
down from the mountain,

out of the blue,
"as if I am there
in my rightful place."


kaykuala said...

Godliness is always present whatever our calling or creed. It's just a matter of awareness of what drives the universe to function and move. This points to the presence of Providence around us and what most believe. Wonderful write Dave!


Ygraine said...

I agree with Hank. Godliness is everywhere - if only we are prepared to look for it (including inside of every one of us).
It's just that life has become so hectic that we sometimes forget our true roots.
I loved reading this :)

Brian Miller said...

in a godless world there is much room to love...

Grace said...

Beautiful reflections Dave ~ I like to believe and hope there is goodness and connections everywhere ~ just look at the universe ~

Daydreamertoo said...

In a Godless word, maybe we all wouldn't feel the need to prove the one we might worship is the one and only right one.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

true...the "lightless" light of the day.

Leovi said...

Tremendous poem.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I tend to echo Daydreamertoo's comment Dave - but it is certainly a poem to make one think.

Carl said...

Beautiful words and deep ideas!

ds said...

Beautiful and profound. Thank you, sir.

Cloudia said...

night! womb of night! I can always hide there-

Warm Aloha to you from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Ty-shaun Coles said...

"How,"asks dream -
in its dying echoes -
"to be, what to do
in a Godless world?" - Now, that, Dave, is a grab on human thought, human feeling, if anything.

I enjoyed this poem, as I do all your others. Once again, I tip my hat to you for your penned imagery and fine detail of what most of us think about, daily.


haricot said...

These dry lines echoes in my mind... and ask me if it would be right the"be in my rightful place"?

Dave King said...

Thanks Hank, yes I can agree with all that.

Thanks, yes - and in my final stanza it reveals itself by speaking.

Very true, often forgotten. Thanks.

Yes, indeed. It is all there. The poem means to speak of perceptions, not actualities.

I wonder. I can recall a music master - my first year in Grammar School, but we were less mature at that age then - a spiritualist, telling us that had there been no God we would have had to invent one - as some say we did - but that we'd all be fighting over our own personal constructions (as some might say we have been doing)! Thanks for an interesting thought.

Excellent phrase, yes. Thanks for it.

Thank you. Glad you thought so.

The Weaver of Grass
Since replying to Daydreamertoo it has occurred to me that we'd perhaps be running mighty close to opening the door to pantheism or other forms of polytheism.

Thanks for. Much appreciated.

And thank you so much for saying.

Excellent thought!

Thank you for your comments, and a very warm welcome to the blog. Your visit and your thoughts are very much appreciated.

The words which end the poem are spoken by the deity, and are intended as an answer to the perceived Godlessness. Thanks so much for your response.

rch said...

Hey Dave, sorry I haven't been by much. This one is very atmospheric if you know what I mean, great work as usual my friend.

Mary said...

I have had a few busy days. Catching up here. I can't imagine a Godless world...or maybe I choose not to.

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Simply beautiful poem. This is so deep and your words stirs some hidden emotions. Well done.