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Saturday 14 July 2012

Lucky Break

It has been a lucky break.
After reaching my breaking point
and nearly breaking down in front of him.
Then breaking out in a cold sweat
Then thinking him about to break my dream
when he became emotional and his voice broke.

"How can I break this to you...?" he began.

"Go for broke!" I said. He did!

In the dream, lost and hungry in an overgrown brake,
I had broken off a succulent and eaten it.
At once strange body parts had broken through my skin.
I had consumed the Devil's Breakfast and would never die.

The Doc broke in upon my thoughts: "You have three years!"
Such relief! Immortality would have broken me for sure!


Mary said...

That must have been SOME strong succulent!!

Dave King said...


Leovi said...
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Leovi said...

Excellent existentialist poem, get rid of immortality no longer a great relief. Greetings.