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Monday 9 July 2012

The Ministry for Immobility

I went for a job the other day.
To suit a pensioner, they said:
part-time, not rocket science, poorly paid -
you know the kind of thing!

The Ministry for Immobility,
the chasing branch, newly formed,
in need of legs, the idea being
when any section is in danger -

a department threaten movement, say -
the chasing branch will be there
tout de bloody suite
to nip incipient motion in the bud.


Jenny Woolf said...

Don't do the job, Dave, your heart is not in it

The Weaver of Grass said...

I refuse to let immobility catch me Dave whatever I feel like., Keep moving I say - and turn that job down if it is offered.

Brian Miller said...

ha...dont need too much movement...lets keep every thing slow and steady....and the same....does not sound like a job for me...

Mary said...

LOL - Bureaucracy has a vested interest in maintaining bureaucracy and perhaps increasing it. Certainly wouldn't want to move forward at a reasonable clip (mobility branch). That would mean things would be accomplished, and bureaucrats (read: government workers and useless departments) would lose their jobs because there would be no more work to do. Can't have that now, can we?

kaykuala said...

You're already moving in very good company, Dave! We're meeting everyday in cyber space. A job is a job, forget it! There's more in writing and blogging!


Dave King said...

...except I did do the job! It wasn't for the ministry, but was for an O.A.P. part time, a firm of buillders. I was a school leaver with a place in college 2 years hence, thinking i woul have to do my National Service first... escept I failed the medical and thought I would bum around for a couple of years to see if I then still wanted to go. They kind of created a job for me and started to train me as a quantity surveyor. It was great fun for a couple of years, but eventually the path not taken. Later I came across a ministry with a chasing department. The rest is pure fantasy.

The Weaver of Grass
I agree with the sentiment: a moving target is harder to hit!

Good thinking Bat Man - I could go along with slow, as long as it doesn't become stop.

No, guess we couldn't have that! I stand back in amazement at your forensic analysis. Thanks for!

Wise words indeed! I shall try to live by them! Thanks.