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Wednesday 2 January 2013

Janet's New Year Party

It always reminds me,
New Year's  Day,
of that party of Janet's --
you'll know the one!

Like all of her dos
it began after dark --
that was to catch
all the hung-over ones,
so I'd always thought.

This was the one 
when most esteemed
Chinese Gentleman,
Mr Ly, got it off
with the dreaded 
and feared adverbial game.

New twist for new year:
each word had to do
with an end or beginning,
an old or a new.

Mine? I forget
which word it was won.
I simply remember 
the fact that I did it -- 
and how it was done! --
in stark silhouette
with a knife through my spine.

Bloodily! -- You.
Posthumously! said
Janet's mulled wine.
Deservedly! then
the resident wit --
hungover, no doubt! --
Efficiently! later.
But Crudely  was greater
when we added the scores.

But when we moved on
to adverbial phrases
I regret to report
all sense went to blazes!

You started it off
by burning the toast.
You being you, 
you did it twice over:
first in the kitchen
and then in the lounge --
an encore, by gad!

With evident ease --
from the twins, I believe.
Then carried away
as the fire brigade came --
none too quickly, I fear,
though the blaze was the smallest
they'd seen for a year.

Still, the party broke up
in an orderly way
each one telling each
that they loved them to death --
and they'd guessed every word,
and that straight away.


Mary said...

Sounds like a memorable beginning to a year that I hope was equally memorable!! Smiles.

Brian Miller said...

ha what a way to start a new year, and intriguing game and a fire...that will burn a place in ones memory...smiles...happy day to you sir...

Carl said...

I think I have been to that party or one just like it. Nicely done.

kaykuala said...

Quite a party, Dave! Not wild but a little, enough to leave an impact of lingering memories! Nicely!


Elephant's Child said...

It sounds like a party with the resident me, me, me bores excluded. Wonderful.

Dave King said...

A Cuban in London
Thanks and all blessings to you and yours.

Alas, there was not a word of truth in it - all invented. Sorry, but appreciate the comment.

The fire was in the imagination, I'm afraid. Much thanks for the response.

There you have it over me, then. Thanks for the kind words.

Do you know, I don't believe I have ever been to TRULY wild party! Maybe I should put that right while I still can!

The Elephant's Child
Ah, I'm glad you thought I'd excluded them - they are the downside of parties, to be sure. Thanks for commenting.

Ygraine said...

My party was lame compared to yours...that intriguing game, combined with the warmth of a few flames!!
All we had was too much food and drink, and a little song and dance!!! Hehehe:D

Unknown said...