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Tuesday 8 January 2013

The Real Bird of Paradise

The universe
the bird proclaims
in versions
without number.

With parrot beak
she picks its secrets
one by one:
from black starred skies;
from ocean foam;
from rocky blobs
that break the surface
of an angry foam;
by breaking ice
on frozen seas;
from desert sands...

unrolling them
before the lovers' eyes.

This is
the arcane knowledge
of the want-to-know
not need to know
obsessing Eden
then and now,

the venal sin
of self-importance
how the mystery compels:
shown must be known
known must be used
used is abused
the world is bruised.

Where flies
of all infinities,
love being one?
(Love being the essential one.)
How many
in how many versions
of the bird
the woman
and the man?

The bird is birthplace of
the constellations
still to come.


Brian Miller said...

obsessing eden...the want to know...picking the universe of its secrets...its neat to find them...knowing full well we will never know them all either....there is a bit of magic in your words today sir....enchanting...

Anonymous said...

Agree with Brian. This is a wonderfully creative and thoughtful poem. Also, as they say, a "useful" poem. One that I am taking to heart at least. k.

Mary said...

Enjoyed the kind of mystical and mysterious quality of this poem...and the deep questions, Dave.

Tabor said...

This mystery is eternal for man, is it not?

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

This is really superb:

the venal sin
of self-importance
how the mystery compels:
shown must be known
known must be used
used is abused
the world is bruised.

A great comment to the mystery of mysteries in the Genesis.

The Weaver of Grass said...

You really are going full steam ahead now Dave - have you thought of a book?

Dick said...

A great poem with which to bust into 2013, Dave. Rock on!

Dave King said...

You're right. I wonder... would we want to know? Would we have anted to know all that we know now -- if only we'd known beforehand?

Thank you very much for these kind words.

Thanks for saying so. Helpful to know.

I tread carefully with that word, but I think so, yes!

Thanks for this comment. It goes to the heart of it, I think.

The Weaver of Grass
I do keep thinking of a book, yes, but it would mean not writing for a bit I guess. Now if I could hit a dry spot... Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for this - the perfect New Year wish!

Ygraine said...

'Obsessing Eden'
Isn't it strange how the delicate threads of that ancient concept still run so strongly through our lives, right to this day?
And it's profound lessons?
Mostly still unlearned, I think.

A deep and intriguing poem, Dave.
One to make us think :)