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Friday 27 May 2011

Dreaming the Bellinis

Thingy in a recent comment on a post of mine (here) and my reference in that post to a Bellini sky, suggested I might write a poem "Dreaming the Bellini. So here it is:-

Dreaming the Bellinis           Jacopo and Giovanni
                                         dreaming a Masaccio       
                                         with wider sympathies
                                         inventing modern painting       
                                         bringing it about
                                         imbuing it with light
light of a great beauty         not fingering a form
                  a jewel in it's own right
as subject       
as something to display

It's not the light that ripples on a surface...
This light bends surface into form.
It's what Masaccio placed centre stage
                                         but could not find an actor with the depth
                                         so mixed it with an artificial light
                                         supplanting line
with lines half learnt, lines mimed
left silent on the stage
                                         until Bellini gave them voice
                                         invoked massed choirs
                                         to supersede line's single voice.
Bellini's love of nature
blossomed in the light
his colours were the colours of creation
                                         thus painting's Holy Trinity
became of age.

The painting is Giovanni Bellini's Agony in the Garden.


Marja said...

Your poetic words fit this beautiful picture

Marja said...

Your poetic words fit this beautiful picture

The Weaver of Grass said...

Dave you capture the spirit of the light in these paintings very well.

taio said...

excelente post

David Cranmer said...

Sharp marriage of words and picture.

Brian Miller said...

nice...really well done dave, i enjoyed the form as well..

Lolamouse said...

Once again, I feel more educated after reading one of your beautiful poems! I love the mingling of religious symbolism with nature with art. Masterfully done!

CiCi said...

That was a good suggestion; you took to it very well.

Jenny Woolf said...

And I will look closely at the next Bellini I see.

SG said...

A befitting poem to accompany the picture.
'this light bends surface into form' is a beautiful line.

Mary said...

Wonderfully crafted, Dave!

Dave King said...

Hi thanks for visiting. So good to have your comments.

The Weaver of Grass
Thanks for that, Weaver, useful bit of feedback.

Welcome to the blog and many thanks for your kind comment.

Much appreciated.

Many thanks, good to hear.

'tis Bellini that is the master, but much gratitude for the kind comments.

Thanks, yes it was an excellent suggestion.

Hi and welcome. Thanks for visiting.

A warm welcome and sincere thanks for the comment. It is the line that most satisfied me.

Thanks again.

Other Mary said...

I am not well-educated enough to fully appreciate this poem, but still it sings to me.