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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Soul Mates?

Six weeks a student teacher,
first experience of a modern school,
light and airy, one to die for - and the thought
was never far away. Adjacent to
the crematorium.
So every half-an-hour or so
this vista through the classroom's picture window:
a long procession and a puff of smoke.
Sometimes a puff of smoke and a procession.

Beyond the crematorium
another one, for pets.
This too, had its own (smaller) puffs of smoke.
And so I'd wonder,
the two puffs coinciding,
if perhaps they'd met,
the pet's soul and its human counterpart,
and if they had, what greeting would they get
when they would reach their final destination?


Elephant's Child said...

An interesting thought. Are they going to the same destination? I suspect that various religions would have very different answers to that question. As would some individuals.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...def an interesting thought...and sometimes perhaps true in their passing together...i like to think they will be together again on the other side..

Leovi said...

Good thoughts. Yes, I think the two souls have the same fate.

Daydreamertoo said...

I could see the child looking out of the class window and wondering...I hope they would get to be together again. Awww
Nice thoughts Dave.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing all the blogs talking about McCrea- Caron- Hetu and " Chuck Norris".
it's not abstract anymore and either are explosives with Ace.

Ygraine said...

I found this so beautiful and deeply moving.
What a wonderful thought...the pet reunited with his owner on their final journey.
Definitely my kind of poem, Dave! :)

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

I could answer very simply ( and without irony !) "God knows".
Great final question and great poem David.

Cait O'Connor said...

Interesting and coincidental as my husband and I have just been discussing the afterlife for pets (over a glass of wine in the garden - summer has arrived here in Wales would you believe).

Mary said...

Definitely think the hereafter will include both humans and their beloved pets.

Carl said...

The contrast of youth and death took an unexpected and thoughtful turn. Nice one Dave.

Dick said...

A delightful speculation! A fine demonstration of the idle ponder that leads to the fine poem.

haricot said...

I have never thought about that, even my former pet was cremated...
It's your experience when you were a student teacher?

Dave King said...

As you will see, I have had to junk the word recognition for moderation. The nuisance was not a smart robot but a very unsmart saddo. Sorry that it will involve a delay in showing your contributions.

The Elephant's Child
I'm sure you're correct with both guesses. The children - who first raised this as a philosophical/theological issue - also had a range of answers.

That is what the children mostly thought - but some had way-out suggestions as to how that might be achieved!

I have always thought that of humans, but pets was a new thought for me.

Thanks, most everythin was nice at that school.

Thanks. I must say, I hadn't expected the comments to be so unanimous.

I think we could all say AMEN to that. Thanks for the appreciative words.

There you go then - the sychronicity of the web strikes yet again!

I'm beginning to think you are part of the vast majority. Thanks for saying.

That's much what I thought at the beginning of my stint, but the children (9-10) took it all in their stride.

Hi, Good to hear from you. Thanks for the perceptive comment - not that it's a fine poem, bot that idle ponder often does lead ud there!

it was myexperience, yes, I did a six week practise as part of my training,
and took this one class for most of that time.