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Sunday 22 July 2012

The garden that thought itself a spinney

I watch him soak the paper,
take in hand the brown and sticky tape
and run it round the paper's sides
to seal them to the board.
We wait. The paper as it dries
pulls taut. The day
is gloomy yet
with just a trace of sun about to break
beyond the foliage.

He sits. Allows the board to rest
so lightly on his knees.
Shapes. Areas of interest.
Rich and dark and difficult to recognise.

He sprays the paper - lightly now -
and on the wet
floods in his reds and greens,
lighter for the foliage.
Dull shadows of a violet hue.

A wisp of blotting paper. Rolled,
he uses it to draw in detail, bring
the image roughly into shape.
Light on dark. It's like a negative
emerging in a photographic tray.
He sprays again (The paper
has begum to dry.)

The water droplets granulate the paint.
He floods in powerful cadmiums -
reds and yellows. Sprays again -
the shadows now - then rubs them
with his finger tips and thumb.
(A risky business
that could turn the painting
to a sea of mud.
This time it works O.K..)
A spot or two of opaque paint
and all is done - a woodland scene
from one small garden grown.
Written for Claudia's Poetics : in Schillers footsteps 


Claudia said...

nice..been already waiting for you to come through the pub doors...want a cup of coffee.? smiles
first..thanks for a new word..spinney.. have not heard this before but perfect word for what it means..really like how you capture him in the process of creating..taking risks...it's all about taking risks..in art and life as well..isn't it..

lucychili said...

yes water colour work is so particular. great description.

A Cuban In London said...

Ahhh... the process. It's all about the process. What a marvellous descriptive poem. Many thanks.

Hey, Claudia, I'll take that cup of cofee, too! :-)

Greetings from London.

Ygraine said...

What a fabulous discription of the birth of a watercolour. You have given the art of painting a mythic dimension here, Dave.
Love it :)

Daydreamertoo said...

What a lovely description of an artist at work. I can only imagine how devastating it must feel to spend all that time on a piece and then to ruin it with a smudge or smear in the wrong places.
Really enjoyed this artfully crafted word painting of yours Dave.

Wolfsrosebud said...

interesting write... I enjoyed the process

The Weaver of Grass said...

I once went on a course for teachers on creating exciting paintings with children (I am no good at painting at all) and I came home so inspired after messing about with rollers and powder paint. Your poem reminded me of the experience, so thanks for that Dave.

Leovi said...

Delicious execution of works of art. The garden is within me.

Scarlet said...

I like process of creation here Dave...the details and colors come to life ~

Carl said...

Love this one. Great description of a painting coming to life.

Mary said...

One can tell from this read that you know all the steps an artist takes to bring a canvas to life. Fine work once again.

(Typo in stanza 4...begun)

Brian Miller said...

absolutley lovely capture of the process of creation...all the preparation that goes into just getting to putting pain on the page...you def bring that moment to life dave...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, wonderfully explained; subtle but clear, and evocative. Well done. You are very versatile! k.

Susan said...

How Wonderful!--"a woodland scene from one small garden grown." A very Beautiful rendering, David.

I have watched watercolor artists working with less concern for the layers and less patience for the wetting and blotting and texturing, so I feel I have been introduced to a master. And what a magnificent implication in the title that this painting willed itself into being, which makes this artist a spiritual channel as well. Bravo! Are you the artist?

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Alluring for the sense of touch with colours physically vibrant

chazinator said...

I've seen a wonderful watercolorist work in just such a way. They often talk about the chi of the object that they wish to capture before the colors hold fast and become unmanageable. The process is so spontaneously creative. You've captured superbly the love of the color, the water and its creative/destructive qualities so crisply. They say the artist becomes one with their object, if so your poem of the artist here does that superbly.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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haricot said...

I can see vividly how the painter worked on his( her) paper step by step causiously and bravely. I enjoyed this lines very much. Thank you!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Dave King said...

Apologies, but this is another of those occasions when I cannot get round to you all individually - which is a great shame as you have treated me to an exceptional bunch of comments which I was very thrilled to receive. So thank you all, it's great to have you calling.

Anonymous said...

Great response to the prompt, Dave. I was not familiar with the details of the process you describe, so I loved how you focused less on brushstrokes and color selection and instead devoted lines to the preparation details. Prep work is so important, yet we often forget to explore that as fully.

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