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Monday 23 August 2010

Haiku #241

they closed the beaches
the French at the croc' alerts -
driftwood in the channel


Paul C said...

Perfect image for crocs, mean driftwood.

Cloudia said...

very nice

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral

Rachel Fenton said...

When I can convince myself that all sea critters are merely driftwood, perhaps then I'll go for a paddle!

"Driftwood in the channel" is loaded with potential meanings!

Tabor said...

They were here long before us (NOT the French, thank god)...so we should have adapted by now.

David Cranmer said...

Muy bien.

Carl said...

Funny... Cape Cod beaches have been getting closed all summer. Great white sharks keep turning up near chatham. Could it be because the seals have returned to a small island near Chatham.... HMMM.

I on the other hand will be mistook for a beached whale while on Cape Cod next week!

Dorraine said...

Dave, this reminded me of a place we used to visit in East Texas, called Chain of Lakes. People would swim in the lake, along with an occasional gator!

I saw a gator one summer afternoon, gliding right alongside a woman on a pink air mattress. Of course I yelled, "gator," and most everyone scrambled out. Later, I asked the manager about it, and he said, "Oh, the alligators are well fed and never bother anyone."

Linda Sue said...

haha- reminds me of the day we went to look over the bay as a couple of tourists were watching something intently, cooing and saying "magnificent!"We inquired - "what do you see?" In a hushed voice the man tells us it is a mother whale and her calf...We couldn't see anything but a half submerged rock, which was their whale...

Windsmoke. said...

Those crocodiles are stalking your nightmares be careful they don't become reality.

Dave King said...

Paul C
True enough...


Yeah, I s'pose it is - hadn't thought of that.

Oh, had me worried there for a moment.

Is that the driftwood talking?

Will be mistook by whom - or what?

I've heard this before somewhere, I think: as long as they're well fed...
I would find that most unconvincing!

Linda Sue
I imagine it wasn't actually doing very much, then?

Again, you mean? I'll watch it.

Carl said...

Affraid many things being mistook for sharks on the cape these days. People are seeing sharks everywhere.

Dave King said...

Angst or wishful thinking?