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Thursday 19 August 2010

Spirit Longboat on the Basingstoke Canal

Haiku #237

Damaging kids ears
doing it for twenty years 
they're saying - iphones


Tabor said...

They're saying iphones...but no one can hear them anymore! (Like the water reflection very much.)

steven said...

dave i know my ears got messed up through listening to headphones jacked into whatever music system was purveying the blessed stuff to me over the years. i do worry at the damage done through the much longer exposure kids have nowadays to headphones. cool effect int he painting. steven

Carl said...

Hi - I think the Sony Walkman started it all....
Love the mixed media piece

Kay said...

haha... only you could make it work... :)

Dave King said...

Thanks Everyone
Yup, iphones getting a bad press just at the moment. They're not the only bad guys (if that's what they are, and I'm not sure of that), buit this, as I understood it, was a study of iphones in particular. They do have volume controls, though, don't they?

Unknown said...

Clever and eerie pic, Dave. I'm sure earphones do cause damage. I could never stand to wear them for any length of time!

Linda Sue said...

Yet another reason to learn ASL or ESL...Love the painting and the pup! I think that MP3's are to blame for most of the hearing damage - the "music" is cranked up beyond what it should be- I've never understood that louder is better- loud anything hurts, maybe kids are just masochistic...tattoos- piercings, suspension, loud music...I don't get it.

Windsmoke. said...

The world as a whole is too loud. Haven't used headphones to listen to music for at least 30 years (oops! showing my age). Excellent painting.

Cloudia said...

Wonderful pic

witty words!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral

Dave King said...

No, I know what you mean. I did a T.V. production course way back and had to wear them long term. Different, I know, but I hated them - even though only one was "on" so that I could hear the floor as well as the box. (Come to think of it, maybe that's why I'm deaf in one ear!)

Linda Sue
Interesting conjecture... I've often thought that we are all a tad masochistic. Maybe they're getting it out of their system!

Good to hear from you. I agree, the world is too loud. About 25 years ago I lost the hearing in one ear and developed tinnitus at the same time. Funnily enough, the world has been a lot quieter since - mainly, I think, because I now "switch off" a lot of the time so as not to be aware of the tinnitus.

Thanks Cloudia

Erratic Thoughts said...

Loved the pic...doggy sums it all up!:)

True about the headphones thingie.Sometimes they play it so loudly I can hear and even decipher the lyrics been played on my co-passengers playlist!

Dave King said...

Erratic Thoughts
Thanks for the feedback. Too loud too often seems to be the devil's plan.

CiCi said...

There is probably even more to discover about what is actually damaging in continual use of cell phones.

Dave King said...

Yes, indeed, there almost certainly is.